About Us

Queens Tribe is a highly diverse set of women from all over the world who are committed to the rise of the Divine Sacred Feminine. “When I walk in my power, she walks in her power, we all walk in our power!”

We sit together in live circles, exploring the wild path that is the woman’s walk. We share safe, sacred space discussing soul stirring topics designed to strengthen, connect, and celebrate the power of who we’ve always been, the authenticity that lives within our hearts, and our connection to one another; our sisterhood.

Who You’ll Meet

We have women as old as 80, and as young as 5 and 12 who join with their mothers. We are happy and sad, living in success and trauma, rich and poor, sick and healthy, and everything in between. We are gay, straight and every feminine gender on the spectrum. We are black, white, brown, and red. We are of all faiths and backgrounds, with a variety of political affiliations, and are diverse in our regions, education, culture, stages of life and opinions.

“You’ll find in circle, though, we have more in common, the not.” Says founder, ShannonRae.

How We Function

Queens Tribe a curator of live circles, both in person and virtually, for women all over the globe.

Our circles are 2 hours virtually (online) with a maximum of 25 women per circle, and 3 hours in person at physical locations with an average of 50-60 women per event.

We have 1-2 facilitators lead circles based on themes and topics, following a structured format designed to create a fluid, custom feeling each time.

It’s like sitting at a dinner table with your closest girlfriends exploring rich topics and themes that impact our everyday lives as women.

Queens Tribe, and our circles, are a mix of human development, community connections, sacred experiences, girlfriend time and the family dinner table, without the dinner or the drama.


You’ll meet divine, driven, and eclectic women who are peaceful, passionate, and powerful doing amazing things.

You’ll connect more deeply to yourself, and those in the circle, than you have in decades.

You’ll learn and teach, laugh and cry, play and dive deep.

You’ll explore things you’ve never thought of, visit places within yourself didn’t know of, and share things you thought you never would.

You’ll celebrate yourself, each other, and the amazing, beautiful lives we all lead.

You’ll find the most divine community of soul sisters on the planet; friends, colleagues, family, a tribe like no other.