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You Are Not Alone 

Queens Tribe is circle for conscious women who want to experience the brilliance of life with a soul tribe who loves, understands, and supports them. 

Think mastermind, safe, sacred space, support group, and skill sharing all in one ancient and traditional style of ceremonial circle.  You’ll sit with 20-80 other women . . . 

Women of all ages, backgrounds, faiths, and practices enjoying ceremony, connection, and celebration who speak your ‘soul’ language. 

Women who have found their soul tribe, and are bravely leaning into the love found there. 

Women who are befriending other like minded, deeply passionate, wild spirited, extraordinary souls. 

Women who are taking off their masks, unveiling their hearts, and exploring their souls, themselves, and each other on the altar of life. 

Thousands of women are joining together in Queens Tribe circles all over the world.  Find one here.  Start one here. 



Circle is a MUST! I came the first time because I have been trying to elevate the energy in my life and wanted to be in a room full of like-minded, awakened, empowered people. I knew it would be inspiring and motivating. And it totally was! I left feeling like I was part of a whole, accepted for who I am. Everyone should come join. You won’t be dissappointed. 


Circle is a place where i feel reliably and consistently seen, witnessed, heard, and above all else, welcomed and appreciated. It’s food for the heart and soul!


It’s Simple

How It Works

Find a Circle that Suits You

Register to attend online or in person.  Both are live in cities all over the world, or globally online. Virtual circle(s) meet for 2 hours, In-person circles meet for 3 hours.  

Arrive with an Opened Mind

   Explore yourself, your soul, our collective journey, and juicy topics; facilitated by trained masters in a structured circle format ~ the Full Circle Model ~ in a no judgment zone.

Pour Your Heart on the Altar

Be you.  Exactly as you are.  However you are.  Where ever that is.  We want the real you.  All of you.  Your whole self, as you are. It’s what makes the circle safe, sacred, and epic. 

Stay Connected in Between Circles

Join our online group in between circles, where we continually grow, explore, get to known, support, and show up for one another in real life, where it matters most. 

I didn’t have any intention of going more than once to support a friend. But now I’m totally hooked! I’ve found a safe, nonjudgmental and supportive environment. I have nothing to fear, and there is nothing wrong with allowing myself to be vulnerable.

Stacey Edwards

I learned to feel my feelings, to honor them no matter what they are. I learn that below the line emotions can seem bad, but embracing your full spectrum of emotion is owning all of yourself and your power!


Queens Tribe is the Circle You’ve Always Dreamed of,

with the Queens You’ve Always Wanted,

in the Circle that Completes You!


  find your tribe 
  love them hard

Gain deep, authentic relationships with like-minded women who you can trust.

Be accepted, seen, understood, and honored for who you are!

Improve the relationships that matter most to you, and build new friendships that feel like the home you’ve always wanted.

Learn how to hold safe, sacred space for yourself, and others in a womb like space.

Communicate powerfully, effectively, and with soverign authority; ask for what you need, set healthy boundaries, and more.

Learn to make wise decisions and trust your intuition, knowing you have everything within you to create the life you most desire.






grow wings
and fly    

Gain a positive self image, anchored confidence, and the wings to fly!

Become more self aware, elevate your soul, expand your mind, and gain new levels of consciousness.

Create a paradigm shifting, positive mindset, feeling like your life is a magic carpet ride!

Enhance your resiliency and coping skills during tough times, adapt to change, and find the courage to lean into uncomfortable challenges.

Expand your mind and shift paradigms by getting curious, exploring, and having an adventure with women who inspire you.

Heal long standing wounds, break generational cycles, and learn to surrender to, and accept, the uncontrollable.

Queens tribe is where I come to think, shift a perception, lean into the uncomfortable, and listen to real women who are.  Are raw, real, supportive, and show up daily in my life, mostly when I need it (but dont always realize I need it). Queens tribe is support, word, comfort, but most of all truth. Since joining I have changed careers, set more intention in my life, released some toxic friendships, and I’m slowly removing what I refer to as my “protection shield”.

Patience Olson

Mmmmmm, being in a room with beautiful women who allowed themselves to be present within their hearts while practicing holding space for others is some of the most potent medicine a woman can receive. Sitting in circle continues to ignite and remind me why I show up!!!  Through my own insecurities, I’m reminded in this room of light that , “I am enough”, and I do have my own magic medicine to serve and gift. Reflections, mirrors, sisterhood, support, inspiration, motivation, and love..I am here now! Beautiful gathering Shannon Rae…I’m looking forward to the next!

Dia Maria Mariposa

Life can be hard

Doing it alone can be harder.

Whether you are going through a tough time, or simply want to level up, and live your most authentic, sovereign self; going through it with a community of extraordinary women is the only way.

At Queen’s Tribe women truly see and understand you, accept you for who you are, speak your language, and support you unconditionally. 

It’s a powerful support system, a safe nonjudgmental place,  it’s the girl gang that will have your back, will challenge, support, love, laugh with, cry with, and show up in life with you.

You’ll find epic women you’re going to love, who are waiting to love you!


Get Real

Be Brave  

Don’t Let Life Pass You by. Lean into the Deepest Parts of Your Soul.

Find a safe place to take off your mask and explore the deepest parts of yourself with people who see you, fiercely support you, and accept you as you are.

Rise into your sovereign Queen by exploring places and spaces you didn’t even know existed within you, with women you only dreamt existed.

Fall madly in-love with yourself, learning how to make love to your life, crack your soul wide open, and pour your heart onto the altar of your life.

Boldly, bravely, and unabashedly claim the life you’re meant for, with the Universe conspiring on your behalf, and the counsel of Queens at your back.

Get Excited

Your Life Will Never be the Same!

Taking a dedicated journey into deep, rapid, and lasting personal and spiritual transformation is a game changer.

You’ll find an extraordinary quality of development, from master trainers, healers, shamans, and coaches using a proven model called the Full Circle Model.

This ancient traditional indigenous circle practice; uniquely combined with human, behavioral, and brain science, sacred principles, and group techniques. as well  as interpersonal transformation, and leadership excellence – will speak to your soul.  

You will experience the power of the women you sit with, and the group soul as they become the guides, teachers, and insight that will change your life forever

Your future self will thank you for this commitment to show up for yourself once a month and level up in an extraordinary way.  

In fact, your growth game will be so strong you’ll have to keep re-introducing yourself to the world over, and over, again.  

In Queens Tribe I saw myself allowing my mask to fall away more and more every month. I saw my edges soften and as I became closer to the many women who sat in circle and I noticed many changes in my being.

Sitting in Women’s Circles gives me so much inner understanding and Queen’s Tribe is the place I choose to be present. Just recently over 60 people worldwide have become certified to facilitate circles by Shannon Rae who has facilitated for 20+ years.

Jodi Friedman

For me, Queens Tribe has helped mend some deep wounds made by other women. Queens Tribe Encourages Me to do better for Me. Queens tibe is teaching me that I am Enough and has allowed me just to sit in a space with other women and not judge or be judged. I feel a sense of belonging. It’s Majic for me! Queens tribe gives me Joy! Grateful for each and every Queen! Y’all (Queens) rock Tits, man

Dawn Catron Forrey

Meet the Women

Experience the Impact of Being in Circle

Be Seen

When a woman you respect witnesses your soul it grounds you!

Feel Loved

When you feel unconditional love, in a space you can rely on, you blossom!

Get Inspired

When you realize you are not alone, it inspires confident action in you!

I stumbled into Queens Tribe at a time in my life when the darkness was over taking any shred of light my current inner work had woven. I was at a place where I was lost, felt alone, misunderstood and was desperate to find my place in the world, my tribe whatever that looked like. I was brought to circle by my desire to support a fellow Queen completely unaware of the freedom and transformation that would take place.

Queens tribe has given me that safe, sacred space to be open, raw, vulnerable with all the parts of my self I had previously locked in a dark and dusty dungeon. It has helped me process through some deep seeded clouded wounds and open my heart to the magic of not only myself but life in general. Queens tribe has helped me to see the beauty of the forest despite the ugliness of some of its trees.

It has kick started the process of severing the chains that have kept me bound to fear. These women have helped me to liberate my light and have shown me that I dont have to be afraid to bring it out to into the world so that is so desperately in need of healing. Sitting in circle with all of these magnificent souls has helped me to find and nurture my own


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Our Women,    Our Circles

Queenstribe is a covenant of women sitting in a circle encouraging and supporting one another to be the best version of oneself. The experiences of sharing and caring while being vulnerable as we share life’s experiences. We learn from each other while discovering who we are as we grow and work through issues. There are tears and cheers and hugs and love. Ceremony continues for days or weeks afterwards as we heal and learn to love ourselves.


It’s invigorating to experience supportive relationships with women. Eternally grateful, Shannon Rae.

Nicole Sligar

can’t find a circle in your city

Create a circle

We are very selective on who we collaborate with because we collectively curate very intentional circles, spaces, and experiences.

We are one global community representing, and impacting, each other.

We train all of our facilitators in the Full Circle Model we use (also created by our founder ShannonRae).  We hold ongoing facilitator support circles, share our entire business model, collaborate in business, provide the monetization platform, share a collective set of values you can always count on, and so much more.

Experience isn’t always necessary, but can be helpful.  Reach out if you’d like to curate a circle with us anywhere in the world.

Queens Tribe is magic in real life. Whether participating in Circle in real life or the online community, the power of Queens Tribe vibrates through my daily life. Even when I’m not physically there I can feel the power when its happening. It is an anchor that keeps me grounded to and focused on my life purpose.

QT is a safe space where I can be and am my authentic self without judgement, where I’ve shared my fears and successes, received as well as given support and hopefully inspiration, listened to others stories and know I’m not alone.

Of late I’ve been facing a lot of challenges, especially financially, QT gives me strength by reminding me I have strength to face those challenges.  



I was introduced to Queens tribe during a yoga event. Knowing that I was seeking connection with like-minded people a friend told me that I should attend. I am forever grateful for that introduction. I have found strong, amazing, loving, raw, truthful, fierce women who can laugh together, cry together and cheer each other on. I have also found life long friends. This group is truly special to me and I cherish you all.


a circle for everyone

Find Your Tribe

Standard Circles

Standard Circles are for any woman on a conscious, sovereign path.  They are open to everyone, do not require a commitment, and are $20-50 a circle, depending on the location and style.  Standard circles have both in-person and virtual options.

Leadership Circles

Leadership circles are for 6 and 7 figure women who are on a conscious, sovereign path.  They are by invite only.  Circles are $500 a month, occur once monthly, in a virtual setting and are limited to 25 women each for deep intimacy.  A 12 month commitment is required.